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EUR €2,800

After a year full of stressful moments, you deserve a few days at the spa: so you can face the new year full of energy, relaxed and refreshed. Spend New Year’s Eve week in a luxury…

Tour Tipo : Vacanze  Giorni : 8  Notti : 7
EUR €880

Spend Your Holidays like the Nobility of Venice, in Splendid Villas on the Brenta Canal. The Brenta canal is the old natural path that the river Brenta followed before the Most Serene Republic…

Tour Tipo : Vacanze  Giorni : 4  Notti : 3
EUR €95

Not far away from Venice, you should not miss the visit of Rovigo, which in the medieval times was one of the most famous walled towns in the area of Veneto. Defined ‘City of roses’…

Tour Tipo : Storia…  Giorni : 0  Notti : 0
EUR €900

Historical documents tell us that during the year 1239, the Emperor Federico II, on his way to Padova, visited Monselice and gave order to establish a “Giostra and Tournament”. Today,…

Tour Tipo : Storia…  Giorni : 4  Notti : 3
EUR €1,500

You will have the opportunity to follow two itineraries to the ateliers of some of the most important designers and/or fashion houses of world-renowned “made in Italy”. You will…

Tour Tipo : Privato  Giorni : 4  Notti : 3
EUR €900

ANDREA BOCELLI INTIMISSIMI ON ICE ARENA DI VERONA 2017 First day  -  Arrival & check in - Free time in Abano Terme Second day : excursion to Verona full day At the heart of…

Tour Tipo : Tour  Giorni : 3  Notti : 2
EUR €225

Avvicinamento sensoriale ai vini del Soave e del Valpolicella Un’esperienza sensoriale davvero unica destinata, in particolar modo, alle persone con disabilità visiva. Gli stessi…

Tour Tipo : Tasting  Giorni : 3  Notti : 2