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Situated in northeastern Italy, Veneto is one of the most varied morphologically different regions of our peninsula: beautiful landscapes stretching north to the Dolomiti and their sunny sunsets leaving space, proceeding southwards,
on hills that frame the vast plain that is rivers, canals and Delta del Po. The Venetian coast is characterized by the lagoon landscape in which it rises one of the most unique cities in the world, visited every year by millions of Italian and foreign tourists, Venezia.



Veneto is one of the regions of Italy that can offer at the same time coastal, hilly and mountain landscapes. Land characterized by peoples' migrations, conflicts and wars, this region hosts beautifully-populated villages throughout the territory.



Veneto, is the third region of Italy for municipal divisions: in fact, 575 are communes spread all over the territory. The capital of the Region is Venezia.


Capital of Repubblica di Venezia for more than a millennium and known for its purpose as the Serenissima, Venezia, thanks to the peculiarities of urbanism and artistic heritage, is recognized, together with its lagoon, UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Where to eat in Veneto

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