Valle d'Aosta

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Valle d'Aosta

Set between the Graie Alps and the Pennine Alps, Valle d'Aosta is surrounded by the highest peaks in Europe. The newly constituted autonomous region is officially bilingual: in addition to Italian, the French language is spoken; Despite the fact that the territory is entirely mountainous, this region has achieved remarkable social and economic well-being deriving from industry, autonomy and tourism. Skiing area for excellence, Valle d'Aosta offers visitors uncontaminated nature, perched villages and fairy castles.



The Valle d'Aosta it's all to discover: fairytale landscapes, castles and untouched nature are the cornerstone of the vast historical, artistic and cultural heritage of the region.



The region is composed of 74 municipalities, the capital of the Region is Aosta.



Aosta, founded by the Romans in the 25th century BC, still preserves the testimonies of that time: the unmistakable Arch of Augustus, the Roman Theater, Porta Pretoria and almost all the walls encircle the visitor in the city. Outside the town, ancient streets, fountains, votive chapels and the Megalithic area of Saint-Martin de Corléans (one of the most interesting archaeological sites in Europe) contribute to making the city's visit pleasant and interesting.



Dubbed as the "Riviera delle Alpi" due to the particularly mild climate, Saint Vincent is one of the most well-known places in Valle d’Aosta, also thanks to the presence of the Casino de la Vallée, one of the largest and most famous gambling houses in Europe. The discovery by a naturalist abbot of a source of water with therapeutic properties has made Saint Vincent a much appreciated spa town.



Situated on the slopes of Mont Blanc, in a basin surrounded by larch trees and fir trees, Courmayeur maintains an authentic alpine atmosphere despite being an international tourist resort. Do not miss the crossing of Mont Blanc made possible by the same cableway where you can enjoy a wonderful view on the great peaks of the Alps.