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Lazio is the second most populous region in Italy and the ninth for surface extension. The territory is characterized by its heterogeneity, with prevalence of mountainous and hilly areas. The latter area has many parks, reserves and other protected natural areas. Roma, the capital of Italy, is considered among the most important Italian, European and world cultures, rich in historical, artistic, archaeological, architectural and religious contents. Its heritage is only one of the hundreds of points of interest among countries, churches, monasteries, monuments and various sites in the region, including sanctuaries.



Roma is predominantly known for its immense archaeological heritage preserved by the splendor of ancient Roma, traced mainly between the Seven Hills, including Palatino, Campidoglio and Quirinale. It is estimated that the city had at that time a hundred temples of different architectural style, including those belonging to the republican age and the imperial age. The historical center is divided into XII rions, each of which is represented by certain historical monuments.


Lazio is composed of five provinces and 378 municipalities. The provinces include Roma, Latina, Viterbo, Rieti and Frosinone.


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