I Quarti FarmHouse

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I Quarti FarmHouse

The FarmHouse I Quarti takes you to discover the tipical flavors of the Polesana tradition, characterised by a simple and genuine cuisine.

The connection between food and territory is a big part of our meals. The Polesine land products are ingredients of our menù. Infact, from our organic crops we get those ingredients that make your meals tasteful, making you rediscover the ancient flavors of our Land.

Meat plates like the Roasted Duck, the Filled Roasted Goose, the Pappardelle with Ragù Souce are just some of our specialties that you will taste here.

The FarmHouse I Quarti offers to his clients the experience of a genuine and authentic meal served in an early '900s historian Villa, located at the bottom of the left bank of the river Po.

The natural heritage that surrounds the building offers to our visitors many leisure open air opportunities. The Po Delta Park is the place to all who quest quiet and love spending their time in nature. That atmosphere reigns in the FarmHouse Park either, where his ancient trees offer to the guests a relaxing area.