E-commerce Training Courses

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E-commerce Training Courses

E-commerce Training Courses

By Italian taste For You hold in the headquarter on 31st October 2017

Free E-commerce Training Course.

Meeting among Companies and E-commerce Professional Training.

Featured Companies: the importance of E-commerce in the web

Despite Italy is the slowest computer literacy Country, the e-commerce phenomenon (or electronic commerce) is constantly and steadily growing. There are about 9 million Italian users whom buy on the internet and, despite the economic crisis that has been plaguing us since 2016, market researches has shown that in 2017 there has been a striking growth in business-related e-commerce.

We can therefore state that the e-commerce sector is in good shape in our Country and this is confirmed by the fact that those who buys online repeats almost always the experience within a short period of time.

An increasing number of Italian Companies have realized the importance of this customers communication channel and they had to adopt it to keep pace with the times. For a few years now, the realization of an e-commerce website has been requiring sustainable costs by big companies only, while today costs have dropped and this allowed even to smaller companies to take advantage of it.

For the major brands the electronic commerce is aimed at increase the existing customers loyalty, while for small companies being connected means get acquainted and reach much wider catchment areas through the Marketing Tools available on the Italian Taste For You Srl Platform.

Italian Taste For You gives you the opportunity to deeply understand the innovative instrument, the usability, and the dissemination both in the Italian and Foreign Market, infact Italian Taste for you is internationalizing the Excellence of Made in Italy.

Today, our dissemination makes strong our product. Italian Taster For You gives you even the chance to meet directly Buyers from all over the World.

To Participate or get more informations you must write us and request the Partecipation Form to: amministrazione@italiantasteforyou.it