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Campania, located at West of the Tyrrhenian Sea, is the second most populous region of Italy as well as the richest of archaeological material after Lazio and Sicilia. Campania is able to offer different types of tourism since morphologically it is one of the most varied regions of the peninsula: enchanting sceneries such as those offered by the Amalfi Coast have always attracted and seduced important artists and travelers from all over the world, while Napoli continues to remain a city of controversial but indisputable charm. The food and wine delicacies, moreover, are internationally known: first of all the pizza.



Cilento is one of the most beautiful territories in Campania that is worth visiting both for the landscape and the coast. Completely included in the province of Salerno, it boasts numerous places of great interest, especially during the beautiful season; much of the territory is part of the national park of Cilento and of  Vallo di Diano, which aims to protect the rich natural heritage of the area where it excels, including Primula Palinuri Petagna, an endemic of the limestone coasts between South of Campania and Calabria. Symbol of the same national park.


The Campania region has 550 communes spread throughout the region, including Amalfi, Ischia, Sorrento, Capri, Pompei and Ercolano. The capital of the region is Napoli.


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