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The Basilicata region is located in the southern part of Italy between Calabria and Puglia and is bathed by two seas: the Ionian Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea. Staying in this land means experiencing a unique experience, immersing yourself in places where silence, colors, scents and flavors lead away from the whistling with unique feelings. Forests and woods, covering the mountains, enclose small and charming villages where pure air, genuine flavors and natural beauties blend with historical testimonies. The Ionian coast, with the two known locations of Metaponto and Policoro, offers fine sandy beaches or pebbles, in some stretches surrounded by pine forests and eucalyptus rows.



Matera, called the City of Sassi, has become part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with its numerous rock churches. Archaic architecture, without any design, has given rise to a monumental work that has become an attraction for millions of visitors to the world and the setting of several films, including "The Passion". This land also offers countless small beaches where you can relax in the sun and cool down in the crystal clear waters of an unspoilt sea and famous for the beauty of the backdrop species on the Tyrrhenian side.



Basilicata has 131 municipalities spread throughout the territory, including Maratea, Melfi, Pisticci and Policoro. The provincial capital is Potenza.