Extranet Tips

Can I contact a customer?

If you need to contact a customer, you can do so from the "Extranet" section:

1) Use date filters to help you locate the booking.

2) Click on "More Information" and you can write your message under "Conversations with the Customer".

3) Click on "Send to Customer" when your message is ready.

How do I know if a reservation is confirmed?

As soon as a user makes a reservation for your property on Italiantasteforyou.it, this is already confirmed and must be honored.

Once the customer has completed the reservation, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.

If you want to see a list of all incoming guests, you can visit the Booking Management section

How do I report a missed presentation?

It is easy to communicate ALWAYS a missed presentation (ie when a guest does not show up at check-in to make a reservation). Follow these steps:

1. From Extranet, open the Booking Management section and select Status.

2. Click on Canceled.

3. You and the host will receive a confirmation by e-mail.


You must always inform us if there is no booking, so you do not have to pay any booking fees.

The customer did not pay the deposit. What should I do?

If you are awaiting a customer's payment, you can contact Extranet Customer Support.

- We always offer the customer 24 hours to provide the payment. If there is no feedback, you have the option of canceling the reservation.

- You will not pay the commission in this case, and the room will be automatically resold.

Can I refuse a reservation?

Unfortunately no, bookings can not be refused and accommodation can only be changed in some situations.

All bookings are instant confirmation and must be honored.

In case of overbooking or special circumstances, the guest must always be restored.

What should I do in case of overbooking?

If you find yourself with 2 bookings for the same accommodation and for the same dates (or crossed over), this is overbooking.

Although the situation is definitely uncomfortable, it can happen to everyone. The best way (and easier) to solve it is to try to assign another room, perhaps superior to the host; But if this is not possible because you are complete, here's what to do:

1. Try finding alternative accommodation near you and having quality standards similar to yours. Our can help you if you need it 24 hours a day.

2. Remember to report overbooking to Customer Support by contacting us via "E-mail" or by calling +39 3270411284. Before contacting us, we will be together with a solution.

If the guest has already arrived, or is coming in the next 24 hours, we will ask you to find an alternative accommodation within the next 30 minutes. Better act quickly to find a lodging at a reasonable price.

If the customer is arriving in 24 hours or more:

Try to find alternative accommodation as quickly as possible to prevent prices from going too far.

Additional costs:

Shipping to the new accommodation is part of the guest replay, so we will ask you to cover the costs or personally accompany the customer at the other facility. In addition, you will be asked to cover also the possible difference in the price of the new accommodation, the telephone costs borne by the guest and other costs that are reasonably linked to the need for re-protection.