Booking Tips

1. Book now. Rates vary depending on the hotel's ability to fill its rooms for the night. Your best time to book is usually within 24 hours of your stay.
    The site allows you to search for hotels and provides both room availability and price fluctuations. Search for hotels

2. Check for affiliation and other discounts. You can benefit from additional discounts on several hotel chains. The credit card may also offer discounts - Visa, for example, offers discounts and benefits on a hotel rotation cast.

3. Always choose the lowest bid price. All of our facilities adhering to the Platform will give you the benefit of a selected room service.
   Call the manager to see which room is available (usually helps remind you if this is a special occasion).

4. Present yourself to the check-in time. Your room will be available in real time, according to the criteria of the facilities may also give some time to the chek-in submission.

5. Credit card. Here too. The credit card may be useful. American Express for Hotels, Hotels and Resorts, resort credit facility and breakfast. Visa and MasterCard, card holders can also get special offers.

6. Keep an eye on price savings. Savings do not stop when you book your hotel. As mentioned earlier, the room price may vary significantly, but not many people have the time or the urge to sit around, "refresh" to see if the price falls.