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Spend Your Holidays like the Nobility of Venice, in Splendid Villas on the Brenta Canal.

The Brenta canal is the old natural path that the river Brenta followed before the Most Serene Republic of Venice decided to deviate its course and estuary from the Lagoon of Venice to the open Mediterranean Sea. Even Leonardo da Vinci was consulted for these colossal works, given his fame as a great hydraulic engineer. An impressive system of locks and movable bridges makes it possible to navigable the canal. From the very beginning, the Brenta Canal became a very important means of communication and transportation between the Venetian Lagoon and the city of Padua. The area near the canal is characterized by the presence of many aristocratic villas, primarily built between the Sixteenth and Seventeenth centuries which were erected by the numerous patrIcian families of Venice. In those times this area was accessible only by water, since there was no system of roads until later.

The Venetian noblity reached their villas by traveling on boats called a “Burchiello” which were pulled from the banks by men, oxen or horses. These were luxurious and spacious vessels which often featured verandahs. Instead, cargo was pulled by barges called “Burci”. To this very day, a cruise along the Brenta Canal is an attractive and relaxing sightseeing activity.

The Brenta Canal is part of a complex system of rivers and canals which, since ancient times, connected many towns and cities in the region of Veneto with Venice’s lagoon. In 1574, the future king of France, Henry III, sailed along the canal after his meeting with the Doge of Venice from whom he had obtained a loan of 100 thousand ‘scudi’....with zero interest, which was quite a feat. He attracted a crowd of well-wishers as he departed Venice and along the canal too, he received a triumphal welcome and each year since then, a picturesque retinue of barges and vessels re-enact that event.

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Giorni : 4 | Notti : 3


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