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Not far away from Venice, you should not miss the visit of Rovigo, which in the medieval times was one of the most famous walled towns in the area of Veneto. Defined ‘City of roses’ thanks to the poetic verses of Lodovico Ariosto, who first attributed the origin of the name from the greek “rhodon” (rose), Rovigo is today the regional capital of the homonimous venetian province and historical capital of the area called ‘Polesine’, the territory which extends itself between the low course of both the Adige and Po rivers all the way to the Adriatic sea. Ancient water town and historical demarkation and contention line between the ruling families of Este in Ferrara and the city of Venice, Rovigo is still today connected by the naviglio Adigetto and several other man-made canals. The historical center of town reflects the several different cultures which impacted it:  from the Accademia dei Concordi to the central Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, from the old Duomo to the two leaning medieval towers,  Torre Grimani (also called “torre mozza”) and Torre Dona’ located right in the center of Rovigo’s castle. Do not miss to visit also Chiesa della Rotonda designed by Palladio’s school architects, or the historical Theathre famous for its prosa and lyric seasons. If this is your first time in Rovigo, you will be pleasantly surprised by its peaceful atmosphere.

In the morning we will admire the painting collection of various international artists like Franz Von Stuck, Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, Oscar Kokoschka, Joseph Hoffmann, Josef Vachal and Felice Casorati, Arturo Martini e Giacomo Balla. The collection is visitable till 21st Jannuary 2018. 

In the afternoon we will visit to the town of Fratta Polesine where some of the most beautiful Venetian villas were built and where they remain, witness to the grand past of the venetian aristocracy. Right in the center of town, Villa Badoer, one of the most famous by Andrea Palladio is open to the public. Beautiful outside with its majestic ionic colums and impressive staircase stands is equally grand in its interior, now accurately restored. Other outstanding villas flank the main road and in the environs, two other great ones: although not open to the public: Villa Labia and Villa Molin-Avezzu’ remain symbols to a glorious past.

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Franz Von Stuck, Gustav Klimt......
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